Primelog TMS product news

Development over the last few years has been somewhat hidden and has focused on the architecture, servers and tools. This has allowed us to reach a higher level of uptime and further decrease the number of incoming problem reports, giving us more time to spend on what we really want to do – improve our product’s functionality and increase its user-friendliness.

The focus on the back-end improvements isn’t stopping; we still evaluate our architecture and tools continuously, but now we can also make advances in user-friendliness by migrating functionality and making a step-by-step facelift of the user interfaces. Last year we released new booking interfaces for manual entry, file integrations and public web services.

New integration capabilities

We are continually developing the integration capabilities of Primelog TMS and have thus added a number of new APIs and web services. Besides being able to send in and update transport data via web services, Primelog now also supports routing, booking and call-off, as well as printing labels and freight bills. And you are fully able to control these processes from external systems – such as your own ERP or WMS – without even logging in via Primelog’s interface. The existing pricing API has also been extended with a price option inquiry that answers with all forms of alternative transport, including their prices.

Examples of functionality



For the invoice auditing process, we have 33 invoice control types that can be used separately or in combination. It is also possible to use different control types for different carriers and account numbers.


The Price Option function allows you to find the different alternatives that you may have for a given transportation need. The alternatives are presented per carrier, service, cost and lead time.